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Juez Residences is located Along M.H. Del Pilar Road Barangay Maysilo, Malabon City.

The Juez Residences is located in Barangay Maysilo along M.H. Del Pilar road which is a major thoroughfare in Malabon. The same road connects to C4 in just about 3.5 kilometers. The Circumferential Road 4 (C4) passes through other cities including Navotas, Caloocan, Mandaluyong, Quezon City, Makati and Pasay. With its location, living at the Juez Residences allows you easy access to nearby cities, avoiding the usual heavy traffic when you pass by national roads.

Apart from its close proximity to C4, the Juez Residences is also just minutes away from NLEX and the MRT and LRT stations. If you are frequently riding public transportation daily in going to and from work or school, this location can give you an advantage. Faster transportation by MRT and LRT means saving time on other more important things. Travelling to your destinations can also be less of a hassle than taking a taxi, jeepney or bus which is prone to traffic.

At the Juez Residences, you’ve got everything you need just minutes away. It is also surrounded by different residential communities and it is near churches, schools and commercial establishments. There are also big malls which are less than 5 kilometers from this place.

Do you always go shopping or are looking for a one-stop-store where you can buy your groceries and shop for clothes and other basic necessities? You can conveniently shop without going far with the following malls near the Juez Residences:

  • Robinsons Town Mall Malabon
  • RLN Center 
  • The Plaza 
  • Panghulo Market 
  • Old CVC supermarket 

No time to cook? When it’s lazy night, you can treat your friends or family to any of the nearby restaurants, and depending on the type of cuisines you prefer. Some of the popular options are:

  • Mariners Fitness Gym 
  • Balsa Sa Niugan 
  • T cup zone 
  • Boy Ching Woo 
  • Mrs. Thirstea 

If you are just starting a family and have a small kid, there are schools that are just 5 kilometers away. Nearer school means less travel time for kids and more time for them to rest, relax or play. You could choose to send your little one in any of these schools:

  • Maysilo Elementary School 
  • Tinajeros National High School 
  • Tinajeros Elementary School 
  • International Baptist Academy 
  • Panghulo Elementary School 

Many people have that sense of safety knowing that a hospital is just a short distance away. This could mean an opportunity to get immediate medical help during emergencies. And if you need to regularly visit a medical professional for your checkup or other needs, you don’t have to travel far. Here are some of the hospitals that are less than 2 kilometers away from the Juez Residences:

  • P. Cruz Community Hospital 
  • Malabon Doctors Hospital 
  • Abquillan Clinic 
  • Our Lady of Fatima Medical Center 

In addition, while many areas in Malabon are known to be flood-prone areas, resident at the Juez Residences won’t have this problem. Its overall location is also strategic in terms of access to public transportation 24/7. Its close proximity to many establishments, hospitals and other institutions gives residents easy access and fast access to their basic needs.

Juez Residences Location

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